Hey there, I’m Jessica. Thanks for coming by. Welcome to my world of big hearts and big dreams. This is the Jessica zone where you will find a girl who loves to dream and dreams to love. Originally just a space for my daily ramblings, it is truly humbling to have a following like you who find my writing relevant, applicable and real. So speaking of real, this is where you will find me for who I am. I promise no masks, no pretense and no lies. I will share life with you and I invite you to share life with me as well. I cannot say that I am a role model, but I do hope to be in the position of a friend who will inspire, encourage and accompany you as we experience life together.

I am born on the 7th day of April, in the year 1998. Currently, I am studying in a course I love- Media and Communications. Loving friends surround me and I am comfortable where I am, working hard every day to achieve my dreams. Life isn’t easy but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I am where I am because I strived, fought and reached for the things that I wanted and you can be just like me. I grew up in a good family, and I live in relative comfort with everything I can ever ask for. #blessed. Nothing good comes easy in life and it’s the same for me. I work hard every day to be the best I can be, to be a more beautiful version of myself.

In my free time, I like to relax by going to the spa and having a nice massage. I enjoy having a good cocktail by the pool at home and a good meal at Iggy’s always cheers me up. Nothing’s special or different about me at all except that I am hardworking, gifted with a good literary sense and have great grammar. People ask me how I do it and it's simple. To have acquired this amount of followers and have such an influence is pure hard work. But with great power, comes great responsibility, and I see myself as the benchmark of this generation with a burden to impact my community.

I started writing because I recognised that I have a gift and realised that I should use it to inspire and help others. It started with short posts and simple lifestyle tips. I gradually gained a large following after I wrote “#touchthesky”, that went viral. Since then I have been writing more and more, hoping that my stories from the heart will be able to touch and change lives. It is a privilege to be able to impart my life experiences and know that all of you are benefitting from my writing. Because of that, I will keep on working hard to be your friend, your voice and your constant motivation. So keep on reading, open your heart and I know you will be inspired.

Update: It's been a while now, but I've recently been on a zero waste project with my friend, Kit. I figured that since I want to inspire and help others, I can do it on a bigger scale that affects us on a larger scale than my usual lifestyle blogging. We're working towards something that everyone (youth especially) can be involved in. I still blog about my regular: personal life, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty, but if you're interested in my zero waste journey, you can read about it here.

Happiness looks gorgeous on you. Au Revoir.

With Love